3D Puff Digitizing

3dPuff digitizing may be done for the whole design or in conjunction with the standard form of device embroidery (flat or 2D or 3D) to show depth and detail in the pattern by causing certain points to puff out. The digitization of the process enables the placement of the 3D foam (the element that makes the embroidery blow up) to be easy for the embroiderer, and the rest of the embroidery is completed in the same way as any other device embroidery process. To help you save time, money, and effort during production, Puff Digitizing offers data for embroidery digitizing.

Any design you provide us may be expertly converted by our team of highly trained digitizers into a digitized Puff Embroidery design that will be sure to wow. Furthermore, customers may choose where they would want the puff to be placed to make it the focal point of the design, and they will get the completed embroidered design in a format that can be easily executed by their particular embroidery machines.

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