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Cap Digitizing

Caps digitizing is finished a piece otherwise due to the curved nature of the cap and to make amends for the seams to get that curved shape. It is carried out expertly, using the middle out method, beginning from the bottom of the cap in order that the finalized embroidered layout renders itself like a […]

Color Separation

It is the approach of splitting images or any virtual artwork into or greater shades. Generally, they will be separated into four distinct layers of colors, ie CMYK, the colors of cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (Black). Each of these layers is one by one implemented for coloration-procedure printing.  

3D Puff Digitizing

Embroidery is stunning and exotic in its 2D feel and appears charming as is. However, its poignancy and impact increase manifold if and when performed utilising the option of Puff Digitizing. Three-D embroidery despite the fact that gained prominence simply to emphasize embroidery on caps with sports activities based totally emblems, have moved onto different add-ons and […]

Logo Digitizing

Logo Digitizing is similar to every other digitizing system, it converts the picture of a logo into precise commands which embroidery system can study and interpret in a particular, streamlined and automatic fashion. Logo digitizing can be done as appliques and hence can be embroidered on a sure cloth and attached to some other fabric later or […]

Vector Art

EMBStitchers has the one of the best artists in the world. We believe that converting an art into vector is no more a myth. You just have to send us your image file and we will convert into vector. We can also recreate the artwork, like scanned art, hand drawn or anything! We can send […]

Vector Logo

Vector layout is your nice bet to get your logo design. This is because it can be resultseasily be enlarged without losing its high-quality. Having said that, raster pictures are also required for web sites and different virtual applications. It matters now not when you have a vector brand or designs in vector, you continue […]