Packaging & product label

At EMBSTitchers, we take our Packaging & product label illustration very seriously & ensure that every piece of artwork we create is suited perfectly to the client’s requirements. We know that every brand and brand’s product is unique & therefore it’s important to create a label that not only translates what the product is, but also stands out from the crowd! A great label is crucial to the success of your brand, as it communicates with your customers.

Customized Package and Labels express the message you wish to communicate, but also creates a visual DNA with the beholder. This visual identity then creates a unique experience for each person who sees your product.

Once the conceptual design is approved, we proceed with the Final illustration. During this phase it is important that the client has selected packaging for each product, and defines each declaration. We then measure the packaging and design each product label. The client first receives a Preview , and after approval, a Prepress file (PDF) for production.

There are two types of Packaging design:

  1. a) Identity for a series of products (the labels will have the same identity), and
  2. b) Identity for individual product (the labels will be completely different).

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